Sunday, July 26, 2015

Laguna Hills Memorial Day 10k

I love the celebration for Memorial Day and the patriotism it brings out in people, even if only for that day / weekend / event (even though we all know they are deserving of more).  I digress.  This was my second year in participating in the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon Weekend, running the 10k event.  I have always enjoyed this run for many reasons:

* The event raises funds for the DARKHORSE Battalion - the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, of the 1st Marine Division Infantry Battalion based out of Camp Pendleton.  So cool.
* The run is super close to my house (ie: lazy)
* The run takes you through a senior community where many of the older folks come out to cheer you on and many of the senior men are veterans, themselves.  Who doesn't like a friendly wave, smile, and cheer from their senior community!?
* The Marine's come and run with you in formation, which is intimidating and inspiring.
* Many veterans come out and participate, so it is the coolest group of people to run alongside!
* The after run expo is pretty legit

So I was able to sucker my honey boo in to running with me this year.  This was his first ever running event, and first time in purposely running 6.23 miles.


And of course he did great.  We both finished under 1:07 and had a great time running the super hilly course, seeing all of the spectators, enjoying the post-run expo.


You will see me out there again in 2016 for another great 10k event.  Hope to see you there too!

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