Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wahoos 5k - OC Marathon 2015

This was my first experience running in an OC Marathon event, however I was not "marathon ready", so I signed up for the Wahoos 5k event.  It was the first run for me this season, so I was excited to get out there.  I had a great time at the packet pick up and got my knees taped by Muscle Tape, however, I'm pretty sure I looked like an LA Lakers Atari logo

Aside from my 80's throw back legs, I set up my running gear as usual (see: what's in my bag, for details)

The run was early, on a perfectly gloomy May day.  I enjoyed the super easy flat course and who wouldn't love this awesome medal and tee - seriously the best, highest quality tee I have ever received from a run. 

I am definitely going to sign up for next year, which opens up August 1.  Sign up with me HERE!

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