Thursday, July 23, 2015

DIY Gold Table - How To

So this is my dining table:

It was totally second-hand, purchased from a neighbor for $50, except it looked like this before:

It is the Ikea Granas table and chairs set (retails for $199).  I didn't love the chairs, so I ended up selling them for $25.  So I ended up really spending $25 on the table (and about an hour of my time dealing with Craigslist).  With a few ideas in mind, I decided that I wanted to style my dining room in white, gold, and glass / transparent accents.  So I ventured out to Home Depot and bought a couple cans of this:

In starting, I took the table outside, set up a giant sheet, and spent about an hour to wipe down the table, carefully spray paint, and then spray again for any missed spots.  It ended up being a really easy process and the paint took to the table fairly well!

 After spending approximately $40 total for the table and two cans of spray paint, I have a lovely new dining area!

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