Monday, August 24, 2015

10 miles Hijacking An Event

Hey!  Did you guys have a run-tastic weekend?  Did you spot me hijacking your event Saturday morning?  This was my last weekend running a long distance before the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday, September 6th (yay) - 10 miles for 10 days left!

Most weekends I run along Huntington Beach for a great outdoor distance run.  I like to save the long runs (from my 3 day/wk run training schedule) for outdoors, since running for hours on a treadmill sounds like torture!  Saturday just so happened to be during the Rockin' Summer Marathon, which apparently runs along my same weekend course. So - hi runners who apparently signed up for this event, and sorry - for hijacking your course route and running alongside those of you who signed up.

I started this long 10 miler at 9am Saturday morning.  Its been a warm summer lately, so I wanted to get out before the hot afternoon.  Its killer running in the sun and heat, but Ill do it if I have to.  This time, I didn't have to - so I started nice and early.  I was out there amongst the other early runners and cyclists who ride along the beach path and stayed out with the late starters and weekend beach-goers.

This 10 miles went by in a flash.  I have incorporated a run / walk situation when running these longer distances.  After running about 2 miles or so, often I go off of how I feel, I walk for a few minutes and then pick it up again.  I also stop for many water breaks to ensure I am hydrated for a long run in heat - because if you haven't experienced exercised induced dehydration, its awful!

Anywho, I had a great long run.  Next week is two 30 minute runs and a quick 4 miles.  I can't wait for this half marathon - I have been prepping for the past 6 months!

Oh also, I bought a new hat - yay!  Any of you use the Nike Running app - add me!

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