Saturday, September 19, 2015

Winner, Winner, Wine for Dinner

So last weekend my babe and I went to check out the AVP (Beach Volleyball) Championships down by the Huntington Beach pier.  Since it is just a short walk away, we took a little stroll (both days, actually) to check out the semi-finals and women's finals.

We spent some time in the scorching sun (slathered in loads of SPF), watching these awesome athletes play their hearts out.  It was really fun, inspiring, and entertaining to watch.  I had a great time - and it made me want to get out there and play.  For about 5 minutes, then I got over that idea :)


The event was really awesome, lots of great vendors set up with giveaways from Natures Valley - seriously I have granola bars for the next year, Food Should Taste Good chips, and Barefoot Wine.  We had a great time wandering around and meeting all the different vendors.  We always like to take advantage and find new favorite snacks, new, cool apps to use, or products we can't live without!

We got suckered into one of those "Guess How Many" games from Barefoot that made you sign in via their website to guess how many balls were in the wine bottle.  Mike guessed 206 (I think?) and I guessed 216.  To my surprise, a few days later I got an email saying that I won and my guess was correct!  Awesome!

Just a couple days later I received my prize.  A really handy cooler, towel, glasses, and a bunch of other fun little things.  Thanks Barefoot!

Were any of you there last weekend?  What's the coolest thing you have won?

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