Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Race for the Cure 2015 + The Beach

So I completed my third annual Race for the Cure, Orange County September 27th.  I had been introduced to volunteering for the Race for the Cure through my former life as a sorority girl in Zeta Tau Alpha.

So, I laid out my gear in prep of the running day, as usual.

The Race for the Cure 5k was the first official race that I had signed up for, three years ago.  It holds a special place in my life because breast cancer has changed the lives of friends, family members, and others in my life.  I find the women inspiring and uplifting and love to support these strong women and supporters.

This year I ran in celebration of my Aunt Sandee, also known as Boppee, and my BFF Ashley's grandmother Phyllis.  Both have fought, survived, and are thriving after their BC diagnosis.

I had my wonderful man with me, supporting me, waiting for me to finish up the run, and out collecting the cool swag :)

I was also able to meet up with my friend Krista, and some of her other friends who all run this race every year!

It was hot as hell - seriously I felt like passing out.  And clearly forgot to put on sunscreen!

After that, we went home, spent the afternoon relaxing and took a little walk to the beach, which is always fun and relaxing.  How did you guys spend your weekend?  Were you there as well, did you go to the beach too?

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