Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hydration Belt Reviews

Now that my half marathon has come and gone, I thought it was a really great time to reflect on the whole experience.  As silly as it is, one of the biggest running gear battles I was facing was the idea of running with a hydration belt.  I always had many doubts about wearing these belts while running (not to mention I had a not-so-great experience while trying to wear the flip belt).  Many of my concerns were:
  • They looked like they got in the way. 
  • The weight would bother me. 
  • Would they would bounce while running? 
  • Do I have a water-muffin top?
  • Do I look really lame?  You know, serious concerns.

So I decided to visit a few sporting good / running stores to check out what my options were.  I knew I wanted to try something, since I have had a few struggles with dehydration on long, hot runs while training. 

The first that I tried on was the Nathan Peak Waist Pak.

It seemed like exactly what I wanted.  It was adjustable, fit snug, had one big bottle, and had a large zip pocket for "stuff".  I tried it on and it fit really well.  I decided to do a little run-dance in the store and try to embarrass my BF in the process, two birds.  I really liked it, and decided to try on another. Oh, also it was $39.99.

Next, I decided to try on the Nathan Trail Mix 2.

I tried this one on and it felt a little small - I know, that sounds nuts.  I also didn't like the two small bottles.  I think I am a one bottle kinda girl.  I also thought it looked weird, not sure why.  But I wasn't a total fan.  It fit well, nice and snug, and was like $5 more than the Waist Pak.  Next.

I decided to try on the FuelBelt Helium Sprint Hand Strap Bottle.

I figured I would give this a try even though I wanted a hydration belt, since I am not a huge fan of having to hold anything while running.  I strapped it on my hand, and true, it does fit well and stay in place - you don't have to have a tight grip for it to stay in place, however, I know I wouldn't want to "hold" it the whole run.  It fit well, but not for me.  Plus, how could I high-5 all the spectators with that strapped to my hand!?

So, I gave up on my search pretty quickly.  I knew I really liked the Nathan Peak Waist Pak the best.  I went again to try it on and I knew this was what I was looking for.  A single bottle that holds 18oz, has a zip pouch to hold some chapstick, tissues (am I the only one who gets a runny nose sometimes?!), energy gels, and band aids - safety first!

I had a really great, successful half marathon!  You can read more about it here. Have you tired and loved / hated your hydration pack?  Do you have a favorite? 

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