Saturday, October 24, 2015

Waking up at 5am. Help!

Well wouldn't you know, I won a free race entry to the Lexus LaceUp Ventura run this Saturday!  I entered their Halloween costume contest via their Facebook page and submitted this little gem from 2010, of me and my little lady for her first Halloween.  I thought I would be funny and turn her into a little sushi.  I mean why else do we have kids, but for our own entertainment?

So I ended up winning the "she was the most awesome of them all" vote - more like the pity vote.  There were three winners - top two with the most votes, and a third was by their choice and lucky me, they found my little sushi baby most entertaining!

So I was lucky enough to win a free entry to the run this weekend!  Score!  It's a mere 120 mile drive from me (yikes) and starts at 7:45am!  I also need to pick up my packet before the run, so I need leave my house by 5:00am.  Which means, I should have been in bed an hour ago.
Anyway, the LA Kings are playing so that means I am staying up. #GKG

Also, I wanted to share with you my awesome new bracelet my BFF Ashley had bought and sent to me - I love getting packages in the mail!  Unfortunately we live a few hours away from each other which makes it hard to get together.  I am lucky that she is so thoughtful to send me a little something to remind me she's always with me.  I call it our BFF handcuffs lol

Lastly, are you aware of the Beats by Dre, Beats 1 Run this Sunday?  Yeah, I wasn't aware either, until it was too late to take part in the "actual" event.  There are four events happening all around the world.  It is connecting the world together to run at the same time - all locations are happening simultaneously all playing the same music on course (or listening on your phone / music player) playing that same station.  They will also be broadcasting some voice memos you send in for everyone to hear.  I mean, how cool is that!?  I LOVE the concept connecting runners from all around the world together.

So I signed up for the My City, run.  Which basically just means I will be running at the same time as everyone else, however, I will be running it locally but listening to the same broadcast station.  I believe you can still sign up and Beats will be sending you a tee shirt for participating.  Also, they are asking you to IG your photos with the #Beats1Run hashtag to share your running journey.  As a side note, its a 5K, so it is a fun little run anyone can join.  Visit HERE to sign up and join me Sunday as well!  I guess I should go to bed now, or at least lay here and fake it until its 5am!

Will you be joining me Saturday in Ventura?  Are you gonna sign up for the Beats 1 Run on Sunday?  Have any better plans than me?!

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