Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yoga, schmoga

With all of the time I take for exercise devoted to running, recently I wanted to take the time to cross train and develop / work on other muscles and stretching, so I decided to get back into yoga. 

It had been about two years since I regularly attended classes and I wanted to change up my work out routine, post half-marathon training.

That's my "yay I am almost at the finish line" excitement face.

So I looked up some yoga classes that were offered at the local gyms near my home - luckily I have three all within the same driving distance so I have triple the options for classes!  I decided to try out a couple of the yoga classes during different times / days of the week.  I found two that I liked the best, early-ish in the morning and a few days apart.

  I found an awesome schedule of cross training yoga with running.  I go two days a week for a 1 hour class.  One is more challenging and the other focuses more on stretching and balance.  It has been great, so far and am loving it!


Do you guys do any cross training?  Have any favorite classes at the gym I should try?!

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