Monday, November 16, 2015

Fit Weekend

Hi!  How are ya?  I had a busy weekend filled with fun and fitness.  This past weekend was the Run Disney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland here in Orange County, Ca.  I, however, did not participate and run in the event mainly because I don't know anything about the Avengers!  I don't even know any of the characters... seriously.  So I opt'ed to pass on this Disney run, but I love the excitement and energy of the events so I wanted to be involved.  I was able to team up with the fun ladies of KT Tape again to represent at their booth to help educate, sell, and tape-prep the runners!

Yay for getting ALL OF THE KT TAPE!  I am now up to my eyeballs in KT Tape, but I can't complain!  I use it for everything, and it isn't cheap!  So I get to hang out with fun ladies, meet a bunch of excited runners, and get tons of tape.  Total score!

Also, I got to walk around the expo (seriously Run Disney as the biggest and best expos) and you get to take stupid pictures to share the with the world.

So aside from hanging out and having fun, I spent a little time at the gym racking in the miles and getting my sweat on.  Before watching my poor Ronda Rousey get her lights knocked out (insert crying emoji), I went for a little run at the gym.  I planned on putting about 3 miles in, but it felt really good and I just went with my body and got 5 miles out of my little leggies.

After a long-ish night I decided to have another great start to my day on Sunday and visit the gym.  I always remember to prep and take my Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy with me for some added energy!

And get my sweat on!  Sorry, so gross!

How was your weekend?  Did you participate in the Run Disney Avengers weekend?  Or freeze your bum off at the Strip At Night, Rock and Roll Half Marathon Las Vegas?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Coming in 55th

Happy Tuesday.  I am totally slacking on keeping up and updating (I am in the midst of a job change/promotion and move), especially with my fun exciting trail run I need to tell you all about!

So, I signed up last minute for the Rock it Racing O'Neill Regional Park 5k in Trabuco Canyon.  Honestly, I got a flyer on my windshield from the prior Spooky 5k and decided, what the hell, I'll give it a try.  So I signed up and prepped my flat runner for the early Saturday morning run.

I decided to take the Nathan hydration belt because honestly I didn't know what it would be like to run a trail run and with it being a small event I didn't know what to expect.  It always comes in handy, but it wasn't necessary this time.  Also notice the Saucony trail shoes vs my standard road shoe.

I arrived and saw a nice close group of runners gathering around the start area.  We started off on pavement and that quickly changed.

Apparently I find it necessary to stretch.  Especially my calves because they have a tendency to tighten up on me with ALL THE HILLS.

The race offered a 10k and 5k course.  I opt'ed for the 5k run, since this was my first trail event.  It was a good choice :) We started out flat...
And then that quickly changed to a big incline change but it offered the most amazing views of south Orange County. *Side Note: Check out the guy in the Snail's Pace tee.  He's jazzed to be there.

The first 1.5 miles-ish, were almost all completely uphill.  I did a fast hike, since running this wasn't going to happen.  At the half way mark, you headed down hill, and that's where I took the lead in running and putting the work and pace in.

It was a solid mile/ 1.5 mi downhill and flat to the end, which make it a fast and fun run to the finish line.

I had a really fun time getting outdoors, starting off the weekend right and trying something new!  Overall it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.  I have to say, the incline and course was tough, but it was a great way to slow down a 5k, enjoy the moments and take in the view.  I will definitely be looking into joining Rock it Racing for another trail run (if my schedule allows for it!).  Hope to see you all out there and joining me next time!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Control. Halt. Delete.

As you may have read in my previous post here you kinda figured out that I have recently become single, and not necessarily by my choosing.  I have been challenged with the idea of removing any sign of our relationship from my social media accounts.  At what point do we erase someone from our life?  And I am not talking the 16 year old version of removing pictures from our clear view binder.  I am not even talking about the 23 year old version of burning the shoe box of memories.  I am talking the 30-something version of taking photos off of the wall, stopping the social media connection, and the hundreds of photos of past trips and memories 'shared'.

I had quickly become aware that I had been deleted, possibly blocked, even.  We are no longer connected.  My photos have come down and the past year was erased as though I, and the love and life we shared, never existed in the matter of minutes.  When do we make the decision to remove that person from our life?  When we know they will never return again?  Do we take down the photos to move forward without the imprint of a past mistake?  Should we delete the person from our world to move on and never look back?

I have yet to delete him from my life.  Maybe it is because I don't want to forget the wonderful memories we shared.  I don't want to erase the photos of a person I love and care about so deeply.  Maybe I am hanging on to a moment in time when I was quite possibly the happiest I had ever been.  Although it is now in my past, it is still a part of my life that I would never want to forget.  And I am not ready to erase that.

After one (of many) long conversations with my BFF, I was told "Delete his pictures.  Erase it!".  To which I replied, "I will eventually".  Or will I?  I have thought about taking them down, but I continue to halt before I delete.