Sunday, October 25, 2015

How I Finished My First Tri

Lets first start by saying I didn't make it to my Lexus LaceUp run in Ventura.  Wouldn't you know, I set my alarm for 4:45am, but it didn't go off - because it was set on a M-F alarm.  And with it being Saturday, it didn't go for it.  So I woke up at 6:00am and accepted my defeat that I wouldn't make the 120 mile drive in time to arrive by 7:45 (including picking up my packet).

So, at least the run was free (see previous post, I won free entry).  So being bummed I missed the run, I was all prepped to go, I decided to sign up last minute for the Renegade Race Series Terrifying 10 Miler event - however I would be running the 5k.  I decided to run some errands and hydrate as I drove around doing stuff.

So I just took Flat Jessie, that was all laid out for Ventura and just stuck with it for the Spooky 5k!

The event was held at beautiful Salt Creek Beach.  I used to frequent the beach when I lived a little closer to the south side of Laguna Beach.  I mean, that view.
The 3.1 miles was a little grueling as the first half was completely uphill!  But then it was a little gratifying running downhill at the turn around point!  As a side note, I swallowed about 63 little white bugs that were flying all over the course.  I almost gagged and barfed for about a quarter mile.
Well I finished the run, and wouldn't you know, I completed a Thanksgiving Turkey Triathlon!
Turns out the medals didn't get shipped in time, so they made due with giving out other medals (I'm guessing from previous runs or upcoming runs?) Apparently they will be shipping out the actual 10 miler, 10k or 5k medals.  So that's awesome.  Also, the Halloween run included costumes, so this one was my favorite - and props for running in that costume + pushing a stroller!
Overall it was a good, small scale event.  I had a great time, loved being able to sign up last minute (for under a bagillion dollars for last minute sign ups) and it was fairly well organized.  I enjoyed my run and it was a great start to my day / end to the weekend!

How was your weekend?  Did you run this course or the RnR LA or any other event this weekend?  Did you swallow 63 bugs?

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